Conwy Borough FC Rhyl 2-6
Flint Town United Bangor City 2-2
Gap Connahs Quay Cefn Druids 2-1
Llandudno FC Airbus UK Broughton 0-2
The New Saints Porthmadog 10-0
Airbus UK Broughton Newtown 7-0
Bangor City Conwy Borough FC 9-0
Cefn Druids Bala Town 1-2
Flint Town United Gap Connahs Quay 1-7
Porthmadog Llandudno FC 0-4
The New Saints Rhyl 3-0
Cefn Druids Airbus UK Broughton 1-3
Flint Town United Bala Town 4-2
Gap Connahs Quay Bangor City 1-3
Llandudno FC Rhyl 3-2
The New Saints Conwy Borough FC 5-0
Conwy Borough FC Llandudno FC 1-7
Flint Town United Airbus UK Broughton 2-0
Gap Connahs Quay Bala Town 2-0
Newtown Rhyl 0-9
Porthmadog Cefn Druids 3-3
The New Saints Bangor City 4-2
Bangor City Bala Town 3-1
Cefn Druids Rhyl 1-5
Flint Town United Porthmadog 5-2
Gap Connahs Quay Airbus UK Broughton 1-0
Llandudno FC The New Saints 1-2
Newtown Conwy Borough FC 4-3
Airbus UK Broughton Bala Town 1-1
Bangor City Llandudno FC 3-1
Conwy Borough FC Cefn Druids 2-4
Porthmadog Gap Connahs Quay 2-4
Rhyl Flint Town United 4-4
The New Saints Newtown 7-0
Airbus UK Broughton Bangor City 3-3
Bala Town Porthmadog 9-0
Cefn Druids The New Saints 3-3
Flint Town United Conwy Borough FC 0-2
Gap Connahs Quay Rhyl 3-2
Bala Town Rhyl 2-4
Bangor City Newtown 8-1
Conwy Borough FC Gap Connahs Quay 2-3
Flint Town United The New Saints 3-0
Llandudno FC Cefn Druids 3-1
Porthmadog Airbus UK Broughton 1-7
Airbus UK Broughton Rhyl 4-3
Bala Town Conwy Borough FC 4-2
Cefn Druids Newtown 2-3
Flint Town United Llandudno FC 1-6
Gap Connahs Quay The New Saints 1-2
Porthmadog Bangor City 0-9
Cefn Druids Bangor City 0-5
Conwy Borough FC Airbus UK Broughton 2-2
Flint Town United Newtown 4-1
Gap Connahs Quay Llandudno FC 1-2
Porthmadog Rhyl 0-7
The New Saints Bala Town 5-3
Bala Town Llandudno FC 1-5
Bangor City Rhyl 4-3
Flint Town United Cefn Druids 3-0
Gap Connahs Quay Newtown 12-1
Porthmadog Conwy Borough FC 2-2
The New Saints Airbus UK Broughton 5-0
Airbus UK Broughton Llandudno FC 2-1
Bala Town Newtown 3-1
Bangor City Flint Town United 7-2
Cefn Druids Gap Connahs Quay 1-3
Porthmadog The New Saints 2-4
Rhyl Conwy Borough FC 4-1
Newtown Llandudno FC 1-3
Newtown Porthmadog 7-2
Newtown Bala Town 1-4
Bala Town Cefn Druids 1-1
Conwy Borough FC Bangor City 1-6
Gap Connahs Quay Flint Town United 3-3
Llandudno FC Porthmadog 5-2
Newtown Airbus UK Broughton 2-3
Rhyl The New Saints 1-3
Airbus UK Broughton Cefn Druids 1-4
Bala Town Flint Town United 2-1
Bangor City Gap Connahs Quay 3-2
Porthmadog Newtown 1-4
Airbus UK Broughton Flint Town United 0-0
Bangor City The New Saints 3-2
Llandudno FC Conwy Borough FC 5-1
Airbus UK Broughton Gap Connahs Quay 0-3
Bala Town Bangor City 3-5
Conwy Borough FC Newtown 1-2
Porthmadog Flint Town United 3-3
Rhyl Cefn Druids 5-2
The New Saints Llandudno FC 4-0
Bala Town Airbus UK Broughton 0-1
Cefn Druids Conwy Borough FC 4-4
Flint Town United Rhyl 4-2
Gap Connahs Quay Porthmadog 5-0
Llandudno FC Bangor City 2-4
Newtown The New Saints 0-3
Bala Town Gap Connahs Quay 3-2
The New Saints Cefn Druids 4-0
Conwy Borough FC Flint Town United 1-4
Cefn Druids Porthmadog 5-0
Rhyl Newtown 2-0
Airbus UK Broughton Porthmadog 5-1
Cefn Druids Llandudno FC P-P
Gap Connahs Quay Conwy Borough FC 14-0
The New Saints Flint Town United 1-2
Bangor City Porthmadog 5-0
Conwy Borough FC Bala Town 0-3
Llandudno FC Flint Town United 1-4
Newtown Cefn Druids 0-0
Rhyl Airbus UK Broughton 0-1
The New Saints Gap Connahs Quay 4-1
Rhyl Llandudno FC 2-1
Rhyl Gap Connahs Quay 3-2
Airbus UK Broughton Conwy Borough FC 7-0
Bala Town The New Saints 4-6
Bangor City Cefn Druids 4-0
Llandudno FC Gap Connahs Quay 3-2
Newtown Flint Town United
Rhyl Porthmadog P-P
Bangor City Airbus UK Broughton -
Newtown Bangor City -
Porthmadog Bala Town -
Conwy Borough FC The New Saints -
Rhyl Bala Town -
Airbus UK Broughton The New Saints -
Cefn Druids Flint Town United -
Conwy Borough FC Porthmadog -
Llandudno FC Bala Town -
Newtown Gap Connahs Quay -
Rhyl Bangor City -
Llandudno FC Newtown P-P
Please note that all fixtures are provisional and subject to change.