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Welcome to, your number one spot for all things Welsh Premier League. On this site, you will find information about the competition, its history, top-performing teams and much more. Our contributors and readers don’t just reside in Wales, in fact, we have Welsh football enthusiasts all over the world in our community.

We look into some of the most successful teams from the Welsh Premier League teams including The New Saints, Connah’s Quay Nomads and Bala Town FC. There’s also plenty of information about the newcomers who have made their way up to the top division and are giving the regulars a run for their money.

Designed by fans, for fans, this Welsh football hall of fame is both nostalgic and informative at the same time. Whether you are fact-checking, or just want to take a trip down memory lane and read about the history-makers in the Wales Premier League, we have what you need right here.

Just some of the things we cover on include:

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About The Welsh Premier League

The Welsh Premier League was formed in 2002 but was re-branded in 2019 as the Cymru Premier. Prior to 2002, it was simply called the League of Wales (LoW). It’s made up of 12 teams, and a handful has dominated the league since its inception.

In a nation best-known for its Rugby, you might be surprised to find just how popular the top flight of Welsh football actually is. A combination of both professional and semi-professional players make up the teams in this division, and they are the very best in the country.

The Structure

The Welsh League is made up of 12 teams, all fighting it out for the top spot. The thing that makes it so unique is the two phases of the season. At the end of phase 1, the league splits into 2, forming the Championship Conference and the Playoff Conference.

This means that clubs in the top 6 are guaranteed to stay up just halfway through the season, avoiding a relegation battle. It is entirely different from other major football leagues, and the importance of starting well is clear. A good run of games, in the beginning, can determine a teams place in phase 2.

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Promotion and Relegation

Finishing at the top of the Welsh Premier League grants automatic qualification to the UEFA Champions League – a dream for any club. The team in second lands a place in the very competitive Europa League too, so there’s plenty to fight for in the Championship Conference.

At the other end of the table, it is a different story. In phase 2 of the Welsh Premier League, the bottom 6 sides are in a race to stay in the competition. Finishing in the bottom two spots of the Playoff Conference results in relegation to Cymru North or Cymru South, one division lower than the Cymru Premier.

Welsh Premier Betting

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Frequently Asked Questions

The league in Wales is much smaller, forming of just 12 teams in comparison to the 20 in the English Premier League. There are also some semi-professional players in the Welsh division, that may also have other jobs.

The Welsh Premier League is very popular in Wales, attracting sold out matchday crowds. However, the competition doesn’t have a far reach. It isn’t well-known across Europe or beyond.

The large majority of the premier division are professional players at the top of their game. Some even go on to play in the top flights of football, so the quality of play is good.