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Wales Football Association

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Welsh Football

The Football Association of Wales is the governing body for the football and futsal teams in Wales. It is a member of both FIFA and UEFA. It was established in 1876 and is the 3rd oldest association in the world and controls the national football and futsal Welsh teams for both women and men.

Historical Background

As aforementioned, the association was founded in 1876 with the aim of establishing arrangements for the forthcoming match against Scotland. Llewelyn Kendrick and Hawley Edwards were appointed as the organization’s first chairman/honorary secretary and treasurer respectively. The Football Association of Wales has since then grown to encompass a number of internationally beloved teams.

The FAW is also in charge of all disciplinary measures taken against players in FAW-affiliated teams. This includes the Welsh teams that play in the English league. There are a number of teams that have moved from the English league system to the League of Wales. These include Colwyn Bay, Newtown, Barry Town, Caernarfon Town, Bangor City and Rhyl.

Football Association of Wales Structure

The Wales Football Association is based at Hensol in the Vale of Glamorgan and is governed by a council of 19 members who are either appointees or elected councillors. Their tenure is renewed every 3 years. The FAW usually gets its revenue from Tv revenue, sponsorships, grants and funds from FIFA and UEFA.