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Welsh Football Players

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Welsh Football

Football is one of the most played sports in the world. Millions of fans gather in stadiums to watch their favourite football teams play as they cheer them on. This is the same case in Wales which is a country that borders the birthplace of the sport.

Football in Wales

Wales is the home to some of the best football players and teams in the world. They have been producing world-class players ever since their first international match in 1876 when the Football Association of Wales was created. Welsh clubs play in the same leagues as English clubs since, by the time they were formed, there was no official Welsh League.

Their most prestigious competition cup is the Welsh Cup. The Welsh national team rarely qualified for any tournaments until 2016 when they got to the UEFA Euro semifinals as well as qualifying for the UEFA Euro 2020. That notwithstanding, some of the national club’s players have made names for themselves in other clubs.

Noteable Welsh Football Players

There are a number of Welsh football players who are known worldwide. One such name is Gareth Bale who began his professional career in Southampton. He later went to play for Real Madrid alongside legends like Ronaldo. Aaron Ramsey is an international favourite who has played for teams like Arsenal. Ryan Giggs is a Manchester United veteran and fan favourite.